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Data Protection Policy

The WMO data protection policy statement is listed below.

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West Mendip Orchestra Data Protection Policy

Approved by the orchestra’s committee on 8th January 2024.

1. This document sets out our policy for collecting, managing and using personal information about our members and others.

What personal information do we collect and hold?

2. For members of the orchestra (regular players who pay a subscription) we collect and hold some or all the following: home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

We also hold records of members’ subscription payments and any information necessary to administer Gift Aid. 

3. For non-member players (people whom we may invite to play with us from time to time) we hold some or all of: home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

4. We also hold email addresses for the nominated point of contact at churches, schools, parish councils and local news media. In a few cases these are the personal email addresses of named individuals.

How do we use the information?

5. We contact members from time to time:

  • a. to give them information about the activities of the orchestra– concert and rehearsal dates etc.
  • b. to inform them of opportunities to play with other groups that they may find interesting.
  • c. to pass on details of concerts given by other groups that may be of interest to them.

6. We use personal information provided in relation to Gift Aid for that purpose.

7. We may contact non-member players to invite them to play with us on a particular occasion.

8. We contact the organisations at 4. above on a regular cycle to request their co-operation in publicising our forthcoming concerts.

How we manage, update and delete information

9. We only collect and hold such information as the individuals concerned have agreed that we may hold for the purposes stated above, and which we have identified as necessary for those purposes. This agreement is secured in two ways:

  • a. we inform members of the orchestra when they join (and initially for existing members on adoption of this policy) of our policy and procedure for holding the personal information that they give us as members and for using this information in relation to the activities of the orchestra (5a above).
  • b. we seek the explicit consent of members and others to hold and use their personal information for other purposes (5b, 5c, 6 and 7 above).

10. Whenever we collect personal information the individual will be shown a privacy statement setting out the purposes for which the information will be used.

11. We hold the information in a secure form and location to which only current members of the orchestra committee have access (currently Google Drive in most cases; Gift Aid details are held securely in hard copy by the Treasurer as members’ signatures are required for this).

12. Information on any named individual will be deleted promptly if they so request (with the sole exception of information about members that we need to hold for the orchestra to function). Individuals may also request that we cease to use their information for a specific purpose. In addition:

  • a. Individuals whose information we hold have the right upon request to see what information we hold about them and to make any necessary corrections to this.
  • b. When any member of the orchestra resigns, we will delete their personal information unless they have agreed that we may continue to hold their details as a non-member player.
  • c. We will review on an annual basis all of the personal information that we hold to ensure that this is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and is up to date.

13. We will not share any personal information that we hold with any third party for any purpose without first seeking the consent of the individual concerned.

Making and reviewing our data protection policy

14. Our policies and processes for holding and using personal information are determined and kept under review by the orchestra’s committee. Day to day control and management of information and processes is the responsibility of the orchestra’s secretary acting as our data protection officer.

15. The orchestra’s committee will review the terms and operation of this policy at intervals of 24 months.

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